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Schedule of Events

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Friday, April 7th

7:30PM - 9:30PM – “Tap the Spirit in the Bone and Seek the Star within the Stone: Engaging the Life that Runs Through All”.- Orion Foxwood

Perhaps no element of magic is more central to stability, prosperity, well being and healing the illusionary disconnect from our planets wholeness than Earth and her knowing ones that were first begotten of her stabilized forms- rocks, crystals, stones, soil and yes...bones. But how do we approach such ancient beings whose consciousness seems vastly different from ours?Here is what earth shared on that question: 'Calm you mind, for time moves slow here where memory distills into presence, and deep, deep wisdom is spoken on gemstone tongues. Allow your bones to lean their silent ears in the direction of their making. Something, someone, THE one beckons you- listen, remember, awaken inward, look downward in the direction of life’s arrival. Gaze upon the mother of your mothers and their mothers and all your ancestors - human and other. All that you can dream for is gifted from the processes of our emerald planet. Be humbled, awed and immerse in gratitude in the  knowing that earth is the giver of all you hold most dear- your body, food, water. The starlight dreamers of crystal flare like planetary neurons inspiring thoughts older than measurable time. The silent ones of the soil reveal their secrets on the phone lines of vines, in the fruits of tree, in the food that feeds you and me". Orion will share ancient and contemporary lore and practices for tuning into  the pulse, power and wisdom of the "knowing ones of earth". Earth can teach us how to be home in our body, on our planet, and  as a conscious co-creator and family member in the tribe of Earth's life, Earth's visions, Earth's Destiny. After this workshop, you will touch...and be touched by the Life that Runs Through All and the stones and all life will speak to you as never before.

Saturday April 8th

10AM - 11:30 AM – Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust: The Mystery and Magic of Soil with Orion

Throughout our lives we have been aware of the presence of soil as foundation, growing medium, and resting place of the dead, definer of locality, vast and ever-present like an ocean of ancestral essence that gives then takes then gives again. But, have we given praise to its power over our well-being and our destiny? Have we contemplated its presence as one of the most powerfully deities of our world? Have we tapped its deep knowledge and accessed its power beyond its ability to grant or take embodiment. In this workshop, Orion will share soils from sacred places, give insightful lore, and lead us into a meaningful interaction with what can be seen as the recipe book for life-formation and the memoir of magic for the greatest witch that has ever lived- Planet Earth! 

Noon - 1:30 PM – Crystal Clear: The Healing Power of the Knowing Ones of Earth with Susan Diamond

(Discussion and Experiential Session with the Healing Power of the Stones includes a healing tincture for each participant)

The power of stones, crystals and minerals have long been revered, especially by indigenous people and ancient traditions, their powers to diagnose illness and restore wellbeing. These “Ancestral Allies” may often know more about what is ailing us than we do. First, Susan will demonstrate how these ancient wisdom keepers can assess the existence of our concerns, the component of the cause(s), and then point in the direction of restoration. There are stones for divination; stones for assessment,and stones for restoration; and they all work in one tribe of lapidary love and mineral magic! 

1:30PM - 3:00PM – Lunch Break

3:30PM - 5:00PM  – Crystal Clear: The Healing Power of the Knowing Ones Part 2 experiential with Susan

The second part of this workshop is a “hands-on” assessment of our own individual conditions, divination by the stones for the appropriate healing remedy, then the preparation of a tincture by and for each student to take home to address those conditions. (all supplies will be provided).

5:30PM - 7:00PM – A Face in the Stones: Crystal Skulls and Stone Faces as a Meeting of Two Minds with Orion

Over the last ten years, there has been a major rise in the interest in stones carved in the shape of the human skull. It all began with the crystal skulls and now has expanded to include any stone. Why is this? What are both species of life, mineral and human, seeking from each other and why? Though it has burgeoned in interest in the modern mind, it has been a part of occult and magical lore for thousands of years resurfacing in the modern mind. It seems that this trend is a part of a process or continuum of revelation as the stone kingdom first re-surfaced in their own forms in the 70 and 80s and now they are taking human forms to grow closer and more intimate with us. In this workshop, Orion will share lore, then engage everyone in opening dialogue between human and stone as a meeting of magical minds to support the earth-soul and our co-creative destiny to be achieved.

7:00PM - 8:00PM – Social Hour! Wine & Cheese

Sunday April 9th

10AM - 11:30AM – Stones of Sorcery: The Spectral Life of Stones and Minerals with Orion Foxwood

Everything in form mediates the unseen presence of the visions of the world-soul. In other words, every form of life on earth mediates the spirit of the earth in its myriad visionary inspirations. Every form of life has a spectral life, an inner-presence, an energetic existence. Each stone, mineral, crystal etc. is a part of a greater life and they can magnify our power to achieve our destinies. By power, I mean “the ability to affect change”. This workshop is about what stones increase what powers within us and how to access and use those virtues to increase, vitalize, focus and clarify our ability to be sovereign over our inner spirits and the life that flows from it. We will do visionary work to assess our inner drive, where it is focused, where it needs to be and what we need to do to live in attunement, alignment and agreement. Then match stones, soil-types and /or bones to the amplification and focus of that power.

Noon - 1:30PM – The Water-Stones of Wisdom: The Voice of the Earth-Soul Speaks with Susan Diamond

Traditional wisdom tells us that water is the conduit of the soul- for life comes into form across the gestational waters of the womb. The ocean is the womb of our world and thus holds all secrets of the soul of life. Stones are memory holders and they record the wisdom of all the elements and water is no exception. The enhydros preserve physical waters of the ancient world. Fossils record the matrix and memory of ammonites, trilobites whale-bones and teeth and the list goes on. What have they held for us? What do we need to know about our souls but have forgotten? What portals have been opened for us by holes in stones that form gateways of earth and sea. Join Susan as we extend hands to these profound teachers; water to water, soul to soul, these ancient sea sorcerers can make us whole!

1:30 - 3:00pm – Lunch Break

3:30 - 6:30pm – Deep Earth and Vast Sky: Primordial and Extraterrestrial Stones Bridging Universal and Planetary Wisdom - Orion Foxwood & Susan Diamond

“Backward turn backward oh time in its flight. Make us children if just for tonight”.  When we touch our beginnings, we do more that reflect on the past, we touch the original, pure pulse of our arrival as spark of the infinite. This workshop is the first of its kind for it taps the pure star pulse of the heavens and the chthonic forces of form that are the two currents that co-mingle within all life as divine current from above and ancestral one from below. Touching these through the Star-Void (extraterrestrial) and the Stone-Void (primordial) stones brings about profound renewal, wisdom and a type of light and life-force initiation. The concept of initiation is more than a ritualized acknowledgment of achievement; it marks an awakening, a transition into expanded awareness, an integration of wisdom and an alignment into a lineage of connectedness. Its etymological roots are “initio”, or “to begin again”. To renew our inner-spirits, we must return to the original visionary delight that ignited our beginnings and bring it into our current life. The primordial stones are billions of years old and they know the story of starlight in the earth-life including the light that burns within us. The Extraterrestrial stones know the journey of vast space to the fusion of the emerald planet, Earth. Join Susan and Orion, as they introduce to you to both the form and the life-pulse of the oldest and most alien stones on earth.  Prepare to feel the starry-eyed wonder of your beginnings and the alignment of deep earth, vast sky and heart of the child of light…YOU.

April 10th - 5:00pm - April 11th, noon – Special Event: Feast and Festival of the Stones: A Celebration of the Silent Knowing-Ones

Join Conjure Craft in this unique experience in the beautiful mountains in Ben Lomond on a 127 acres of private property.

The evening's event is to honor the Kingdom of Gnoma...the Stones. Please bring three of your most beloved stones or crystals preferably the size of a quarter and larger. Please, no monoliths though. It is cumbersome to fit 30 Druids and one 20 foot monolith to the feast table. These stones are your Elder friends, teachers and companions and you should be carrying, presenting and honoring them as such.

The evening will begin with a rite of consecration of stone and bone with Orion Foxwood, who will lead us in the Rite of Honoring the Stones---A ritual cleansing, anointing and blessing of the stones, the earth and our embodiment.

Following the rite we will gather for a 3 course meal prepared by the culinary conjurations of our own seaside sorceress, Susan Diamond. We will nourish our own bodies with the minerals and nutrients of the earth. At the feast, we will have a place prepared for the stones to sit as the guests of honor and, well.....there will be surprises...magical ones!

Later we will gather around the fire to enjoy the the lyrical beauty and magic of Sharon Knight in concert.

The night will end with the crowning of the stones and the honoring of the great Stone of Destiny herself and her face will be revealed. For now...the tantalizing secret.

All attending will have a bed in the bunkhouse and have an opportunity to dream with the spirit of their stone allies until morning.

Dinner includes:

Soup, Salad, Dessert and choose one of the following:
-Short Ribs & Pasta
-Salmon and Roasted Garlic Potatoes
-Vegetarian Pasta 

Please list any food allergies

What to bring:
Your favorite stones
Warm clothes (layering pieces are recommended)